drop The Verve brand was established in 2003 and has grown in strength ever since. It has had a remarkable journey, as one off the premium bottled water companies in South Africa, to where it is today. Since its inception, the business has always been owner managed which ensures that our quality of service and product are always of the highest possible standards.

drop We pride ourselves in the service we deliver to our clients and the standard we set for the industry.

drop Verve was the first bottled water company to introduce a bottle return initiative on its glass bottles, thereby ensuring an enduring legacy for generations that follows as well as new standards for the industry.

drop Our factory is situated in the legendary “Cradle of Humankind” where we extract our water from an underground mineral source. Now there are many different viewpoints, within the water industry, as to what water is best – mineral, spring or purified – we believe in supplying our customers with a consistent product by purifying our water with Reverse Osmosis and using Ozonation and UV Treatment to ensure there is no bacterial growth.

drop This way we ensure that every single bottle of refreshing Verve that you drink is the same every time and not influenced by the surroundings. An example of influence is refuse dumping or mining discharges, or even irregular rainfall that can influence the consistency of the product.

drop But it is not just us that think so, the best selling water in the United States is a Reverse Osmosis Water and one of the best selling waters in South Africa is also a Reverse Osmosis product, so you can rest assured that we are supplying you with a tried and tested product every time.